Cost-effective ways to market your event planning business

An event planning business can be a fun and lucrative venture. If you are among those who consider planning and styling awe-inspiring events as your passion, you can let your business soar with some of the most effective yet cost-effective marketing strategies.  Yes, finding ways how to market your event planning business and make it buzzworthy can be easier than you think.

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From the get-go, you need to be thoroughly professional and keep your customers satisfied. In so doing, word-of-mouth will help build your business There have been cases of start-up entrepreneurs who ventured into the event planning business with nothing but minimal funds and lots of ambition, but hard work, passion, keen attention to details and topnotch customer service enabled them to make the leap from good to great.

Figuring out how to market your event planning business on your own or with reliable partners can be a breeze. On your own, you can reach out to your core audience through social media. Facebook is an excellent place to start talking about your event planning business, especially if you represent an upstart firm.  All you have to do is make a creative pitch, or create an official page featuring photos and testimonials of satisfied clients.

Through social networking sites, you not only widen your possible client base, but also increase your network of reliable vendors. LinkedIn is another networking site you can use to update people about your professional accomplishments, notably your new event planning business. Keep in mind that you are bound to encounter competition from other firms/individuals in the same industry in social media, so differentiate yourself.  Find your own voice or unique selling proposition.

While you are at it, you can actually promote your event planning business using other forms of internet marketing besides social media. You can do video marketing, for instance. You may acquire future clients if they get to view videos featuring your events. You can post videos of events like a christening, kiddie birthday celebrations, or weddings complete with the church ceremony, the bridal finery, the wedding reception blooms, table centerpieces, favors, and all. The people shots are important, too.

It definitely helps if you have pursued your passion as your main line of business. As a famous event stylist who has styled the fabulous wedding events of popular Hollywood stars, staging an event is an art. The event planner helps articulate and actualize a dream vision and mood for an event. Majority of clients are quite pleased with events that are organized well and elicit an emotional response from guests.  Good event planners with a track record of experience can keep doing  that. Yet they must not rest on their laurels.


Some of the other ways how to market your event planning business are to do viral marketing (using email blasts and other techniques); and to enlist the services of a public relations professional or firm and come out with interesting articles that can be disseminated to print media and online sites.  Being featured in lifestyle magazines can also be helpful;  it can help the upstart event planning company reach and gain the interest of individual or corporate clients.

Some of the best event designers across the world have also partnered with organizations like institutes that came up with a course series on event styling for professionals. Accomplished event planners have also written their own books and made them available on popular e-commerce sites. Writing blogs and continuously updating their own websites with fresh content — including news and special occasions organized or graced — have also worked well for most event planners. Finally, you can take part in trade shows and have your business cards, brochures, audio visual presentation or interactive video ready at the event site.