3 Essential Skills for Corporate Event Planners

event planning

If you want to venture into the profession of event planning, the first thing you need to understand is that event planning is not the same thing as party planning. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics website categorizes an event planner under Meetings and Convention Planners. This is a clue that event planning entails much more than simply planning parties.

What is event planning?

Corporate event planning involves planning as well as organizing all the details of corporate events. As the planner, you are tasked with catering to the wishes of a client so as to effectively complete the job. Event planning has to do with corporate event organization and it is a very important corporate profession. For you to be successful in the industry, it is critical that you develop a broad range of skills and abilities to perform your duties well. In this article, we tell you the three most important skills that an event organizer needs to have. They are not the only skills, but, in our considered opinion, they are the most important.

1. Ability to stay within the budget

This is a must-have requirement for any corporate event planner because even the so called large organizations are keenly watching how money is spent. So how do you stay within the budget and still deliver a great job? Read the tips below:

• Understand the expectations of the client from the beginning. If anything is unclear, make sure that you get clarification. But if what clients ask for is not possible for their budget, be honest with them and let them know.

• Have a robust network of vendors that offer competitive pricing. This ensures that you are able to provide the best value for your company’s event bucks.

No corporate customer would want to be seen as stingy to the people attending their events. As the planner of these events, your job is to make your corporate client appear as good as practically possible while remaining within the budget. That is what differentiates great event planners from good ones.

2. Resourcefulness

The ability to be resourceful, in my opinion, is the single most important skill that any event planner should have. Having been in corporate event planning for years, I have learned that there will always be something that needs a creative fix. It could be reworking a display to differentiate it from the one across the aisle that looks exactly like yours. It is important for you to be resourceful as well as be able to use whatever you have. You must be able to pool together individuals that you need.

3. Interior Decorating Skills

It is critical that an event planner has a basic idea of interior decor like lighting. You should know how to set rooms or how to highlight them as this enables you to tell that vendors are doing the job correctly.


In order to be successful in planning corporate events, you must be able to maintain a credible background. The event size or location notwithstanding, your main role as the corporate event planner is to fulfill the wishes of your clients.