What To Ask A Wedding Photographer Before Hiring Them

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When it comes to hiring wedding photographers, most people do not take the time to get the right photographer. Don’t expect mind blowing pictures when you hire that guy from work with a cheap camera. If you want the pictures to represent the magnificence of the day, then you have to invest in the right photographer. To do this, here is a list of 7 questions that you should ask any prospective wedding photographer before making a hire.

1. Is photography your main business? If so, what kind of photography do you focus on?

Being a good photographer is not just about owning a camera and aiming. There are numerous aspects such as lighting, angle and contrast that have to be brought together to create the perfect snap. It takes experience and training. If someone’s main business is photography then there are good chances that he or she is good at it.
In addition, it is important to ensure that the photographer has experience in shooting weddings. A food photographer many not do as good a job as a dedicated wedding photographer.

2. Do you backup your pictures as you shoot?

Horror stories about wedding photographers losing their client’s pictures are many. This is hands down one of the worst things that can happen to you on your wedding. Ensure that the photographer has a way to backup pictures as he shoots. There are cameras that have two SD card slots which can store the same image simultaneously.

3. Have you ever worked at this venue before?

There are many advantages of hiring a photographer who has worked at your wedding’s venue. For one, he knows the lay of the place and thus is aware of the best vantage points to shoot from. If the photographer says no, then you need to ensure that he orients himself with the location.

4. Are there any travel costs?

If you are bent on hiring a certain photographer but he is from out of town, get to know whether you’ll have to pay any travel costs. This will ensure that you have prepared your budget or start looking for a photographer form nearby.

5. Can I see samples?

Don’t hire someone until you have seen their previous work. Ask for samples, specifically photographs from a wedding they have shot before. Even better, ask for all the pictures from a wedding. This will give you a glimpse into the style of the photographer. Check to see that pictures of the most important moments have been shot. Also ask for printed samples so that you can be sure about quality.

6. Do you have a backup plan in case you are unable to attend the wedding?

It would be devastating for your photographer to fall ill on your wedding day. Have a backup plan in place. Most wedding photographers have assistants who are also proficient in shooting. Others work for large studios that have other photographers who can fill in for your first choice.

7. Do you edit pictures afterwards? If so, do you charge extra?

Editing photographs ensures that they are perfect and any mishap is covered up. It is an important part of the photography. Ask if it is included in the package and whether it will cost you more money?